The Press Room contains a selection of news articles written about GIFT’s work. It includes footage from news channels across the world and televised interviews with Chandran Nair and other members of the GIFT team talking about globalisation, consumption and leadership in Asia. 

It also includes press releases published by GIFT about each of our programmes and project partners from the past five years to the present day.


Cotton and textile labour in Bangladesh, featuring Chandran Nair - 25 October 2013

The price Lie: 12 years ago, a standard t-shirt cost DM 9,90 Since then, everything has become more expensive. Only T-shirts still cost the same price: 4,95 €. How can such a thing work?  Watch video: http://www.3sat.de/mediathek/?mode=play&obj=39389 (German)


'The Other Hundred' - World's untold photo stories

The Other Hundred, a photo-book project featuring 100 photo stories of people across 91 countries, launched its first exhibition in Hong Kong on Thursday.


辦企管教育 促反思西方經濟模式 - 14 Oct 2013

Chandran Nair's interview with The Hong Kong Economic Journal on GIFT's executive education programmes and Consumptionomics.



Distorted Story - 11 Sep 2013

Chandran Nair says that while China has its fair share of problems like any other large nation, biased coverage by the Western media gives the impression it has no redeeming qualities


另一种100 - 26 Sep 2013

The Other Hundred project was featured in Caixin Century Weekly Magazine (财新《新世纪周刊》), a major publication in China. The feature contained two photo stories byJia Daitengfei (贾代腾飞) and Valerie Leonard, and an dedicated essay from Chinese poet Bei Dao (北岛), an honoured countributer of The Other Hundred.


Can Asia have more cars? - 15 August 2013

In 2050 the Earth will be home to nine billion people – most of whom will be Asian. What would happen if everyone in Asia reached the same standard of living as the west? Chandran Nair gives his views on economic models and the need for strict limits on cars in Asia.


Chandran Nair:中国的城镇化太快 没人种粮食 - 14 July 2013

2013 APEC工商领导人中国论坛今天在北京召开,在全体会议“可持续发展”上,香港全球未来研究所创始人Chandran Nair对中国的城镇化提出了疑问:“在中国城镇化太快也有一些风险,那么谁来种粮食呢?”


Philanthropy: “The laundering of ill-gotten gains to create celebrity”? - 6 May 2013

“These days, philanthropy has become the laundering of ill-gotten gains to create celebrity, and more often than not, private banks’ philanthropic initiatives are cosmetic in nature, held back by an internal architecture ill equipped to handle the thick gravy flowing through their pipes, an intellectual deficit, and a misalignment of incentives.” says Chandran Nair


Unattainable Western Standards - 14 May 2013

For Asians, whose numbers will soon reach 5 billion, western living standards are simply out of reach. Chandran Nair demonstrates his points with drastic figures: an iPad should cost 5,000 Euro. Currently in Europe and North America a t-shirt is priced at most one tenth of its real value. For most goods, both the depletion of natural resources and a fair salary of workers ought to be factored in the prices.


The Other Hundred Features on SCMP - 24 April 2013

At the press conference for The Other Hundred, SCMP reporter, Joanna Chiu asks the judges about skewed perceptions and stereotypes of the poor in China and Hong Kong.