The Press Room contains a selection of news articles written about GIFT’s work. It includes footage from news channels across the world and televised interviews with Chandran Nair and other members of the GIFT team talking about globalisation, consumption and leadership in Asia. 

It also includes press releases published by GIFT about each of our programmes and project partners from the past five years to the present day.


Saving Tibetan Books for Future Generations

The National Library of Mongolia contains the largest single collection of Tibetan Buddhist books anywhere in the world. More than 80% of this collection remains un-catalogued and housed in less than ideal conditions. Since 1999 ACIP has worked to catalogue and digitize the Tibetan Collection in Mongolia. Now, your support is needed to ensure the continuation of this crucial preservation effort.

Please download the sponsorship proposal here.



Modern farming must be weaned off chemical use to avert a food crisis - 17 December, 2012

Chandran Nair says the use of pesticides and fertilisers damages our health, as well as the planet’s.



10 Books to Enrich Your Library and Your Life

K K Tse, Chair of the Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum, recommends Consumptionomics as one of the top 10 books to have in your library.



Consumptionomics - Book Review by China Business Times - 23 November 2012



Voices of Asia - 6 November 2012

What is going on in Asia now intellectually? Chandran argues that the “voices of Asia” are not yet the part of the global intellectual platform still dominated by western school of thinking that is bound by some unconditional truth that no one dares to doubt. Asians, on the other hand, can bring new ideas to the international debates and add new meanings to existing concepts – but only if the West agrees to see equals in them.


The World on Obama: Chandran Nair — Muted in Asia - 7 November 2012

Sitting here in my hotel room in Ulan Bator the capital of Mongolia, one of the world’s fastest growing economies I am pondering the reactions across Asia to the U.S. election results and reflecting on a piece I wrote four years ago about Barack Obama.


Distinguished Speakers Address Critical Issues to Asia’s Development at 2012 OECD Conference - 19 October 2012

Chandran Nair, Founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow shared his perspectives on Asia’s development path during his keynote speech on day three of the Fourth OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development) World Forum held in New Delhi.


The GIFT of Education - 22 October, 2012

Earlier this year, the Global Institute For Tomorrow contributed US$6,000 to aid in the repair and renovation of Government school Tobin in Kumbo Town, Cameroon, so that its some 330 students can continue to attend classes and further their primary education.



Green Technology Finance: Context, Limitations, Possibilities - 2 October, 2012

At the recent Green Technology Bankers Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Chandran spoke about the future of Asia, and the world, and its resource constraints.  There won’t be an Asian century unless Asia’s governments accept the reality of constraints – then leverage technology. Investment opportunities in the 21st century should go towards sectors that build social cohesion, such as agriculture, water and sanitation, education, healthcare, low-cost housing, energy efficiency or waste management.


Tired arguments don’t fool Asians, 12 September 2012

Sir, Ian Bremmer and David Gordon’s article should alarm all Asian readers. It is over-simplistic and exaggerates the nature of the relations between nations. These are the same old tricks employed by colonial powers and empires – divide and rule.