HappyTap hand washing device launched in Vietnam


8 Aug 2013

In late 2010 GIFT conducted an experiential leadership programme in partnership with the Water and Sanitation Program of the World Bank and WaterSHED. Participants produced a business plan for a low-tech, low-cost hand washing device - the HappyTap - designed by world renowned design firm IDEO. In Vietnam alone the economic costs of poor sanitation have been estimated by the World Bank at over US$250 million. HappyTap is intended to improve rural sanitation through the promotion of hand washing both in and around the household but also at locations like schools and clinics.

Since the programme many rounds of field-testing and design refinements have taken place. Now WaterSHED, with support from public and private sector stakeholders, is launching HappyTap in the Vietnamese market. A new social enterprise is being established which would own the patent and facilitate the production, marketing and distribution of the device. HappyTap Inc. will work closely with WaterSHED, who have a strong track record of sanitation marketing in the region, to promote the device in rural areas. The scale-up of the project will be supported by Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) of USAID.

Find out more about HappyTap on WaterSHED website.

Check out the HappyTap Sales Massage Testing video:

Introducing the HappyTap: