Ideas for Tomorrow - GIFT Rap

The GIFT Rap is a new series of short opinion pieces by members of the GIFT team. New raps will be posted once every two weeks, we hope you enjoy them!


The dragon’s dogma – China and its monstrous economy

China has recently overtaken the USA as the world's largest trading nation. Even more, a report published by the OECD projects that its GDP will overtake the USA's as soon as 2016. All of these developments have supported China's self-image of 'strength', 'power' and 'confidence' on the world stage. But for a country striving for superpower status, how does the reality of its economic landscape measure up?


The Mismeasure of Manufacturing – Why GDP Misleads

Since its invention 70 years ago GDP has come to inform the way many of us understand the world. None of the numerous arguments made against the use of GDP in recent years seem to have had any impact on governments or popular opinion.


Is large scale industrial dairy farming China's future?

China’s massive economic and population growth and the rise of an affluent middle-class are common knowledge. Fewer know about the surprising effects this has had on its dairy industry.


Capital in the era of smart machines

For the last thirty years the system of global capitalism, led by the US, has come to be defined by the primacy of shareholder value and therefore the dominance of capital. Modern society is now on the cusp of a new era of “smart machines” which could fundamentally change this.


Transparently inaccurate

Whilst the graft and cronyism that the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) flags in places like Syria, Cambodia or Sudan is highly condemnable, it constitutes just one aspect of a wider and more complicated range of fraudulent activities that the CPI ignores.


Settling the score

Settlement culture in banking is clearly ineffective and the culture of wrongdoing must be fixed, quickly. Until governments, particularly western ones, get serious about punishing both the institutions and individuals responsible for what is clearly criminal behaviour, or overseeing it (ignorance is not an excuse), expect business-as-usual in London, New York and Zurich until the next crisis rolls around.


Rush of the Chinese Housewives

On National Day weekend in 2013 flocks of Chinese mothers and housewives swarmed into gold stores in Hong Kong. They snapped up all kinds of shiny gold coins, bars, bracelets, and ingots. Over the next two weeks, the housewives emptied most of the gold stores in the city and spent more than US$16 billion. This epic shopping spree propped up the plunging gold price at a time when Wall Street was selling gold short.


How English language mainstream media has tainted entrepreneurship

Mainstream media in the English speaking world today has influenced a definition of entrepreneurship that is built upon instant gratification and narcissism. TV series such as Dragons Den, The Apprentice and Shark Tank are quintessential examples of this.

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