Chandran Nair: Indonesian haze crisis demands fresh approach

11 November, 2015


ABC Radio - Interview with Chandran Nair

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As new evidence emerges of the catastrophic effect Indonesia's haze is having on human and plant health, the CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow think tank Chandran Nair says its time to accept the problem is now economic as much an environmental.

The agricultural fires that blanket Indonesia in a toxic haze are an annual occurrence, but the situation today is worse than anyone can remember. Usually the haze measures a few hundred kilometres across. This year it has spread to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines, left ten people dead and more than half-a-million sick.

Mr Nair says that vested interests have infiltrated the debate, which means toothless and self-serving business-oriented options the only ones left on the table.

Source: ABC Radio