Ideas for Tomorrow - 2015


Why the West Needs to Ditch Its Exceptionalist Mindset

The end of western hegemony need not be a bad thing for the world or even the West. As the West tries desperately to maintain an unsustainable status quo, it is fast losing credibility and friends. Instead, it should accept that the world's economic and political center of gravity will continue to shift east, and look to build a new set of institutions where it can be an equal member rather than an overlord.


Rural enterprise, not lighting, sparks prosperity

While there is no doubt that lighting does improve quality of life to a degree, it alone cannot improve the economic prospects for remote rural communities. To do this, rural enterprise development is key and electricity must be affordable and sustainable, not intermittent and thus used simply for entertainment and charging mobile phones.


180 malls in Jakarta, as 50 million people need basic homes

ONE of President Jokowi’s biggest challenges is to provide affordable homes for the thousands of disenfranchised and un-bankable Indonesians who supported him.


The Myth of a Valueless China

The transformative changes that have taken place in China have always been accompanied by changes in the way it has been perceived abroad. For many years the conventional wisdom was that China would fail because it was autocratic, corrupt and inefficient. When it did not fail, its critics changed tack to instead accusing it of an empty materialistic success.


Why should ASEAN leaders attend Davos?

It has had notable achievements in the economic and nonproliferation space. Yet ASEAN still lags behind its full potential.


Real challenge is in Asia, Africa and Latin America

The most important economic issue of our time is, the need for developing countries to balance providing for the needs of their massive and massively poor populations with the physical reality of the resource constraints of a finite planet.

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