Ideas for Tomorrow - 2013


Gluttony for profit to blame for food scandals

Karim Rushdy says whether in China or the West, food scandals are products of a sick industrial system that seeks profits above all else.


Overdosing on digital crack

A decade ago, all the talk was about the digital divide leaving behind millions of poor people. Today, that has been replaced by a modern drug of choice for the masses - digital crack.


Look beyond the feelgood start-ups

MBA programmes that want to make an impact on global food systems and give students the awareness and skills to stay relevant in the future should first consider the implications of the industrialisation of agriculture that thrives on externalising true costs (excessive use of inputs) and its impact on farming communities.


A World Connected - Globalisation in the 21st Century

A collection of more than 100 thought-provoking essays by renowned scholars, journalists and leading policymakers published over the past decade by YaleGlobal Online. Includes "A Carbon-Constrained World" by Chandran Nair.


Why no report on bombings in Iraq?

Sir, Monday’s bombings were both heinous and reprehensible. One can only hope that the perpetrators will be brought to justice. I refer not to the events that took place in Boston in which three people tragically lost their lives, including eight-year-old Martin Richard whom the FT featured on yesterday’s front page, but to the string of bombings across Iraq that killed 55 civilians and injured many hundreds more.

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