Shaping a global resource strategy - Thrive

14 October, 2011


Shaping a global resource strategy

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Are growth-oriented economics still in keeping with the needs of the times? How can we redress exploitation of resources and achieve ecological and social justice - or at least attempt to do so?

Chandran Nair, GIFT founder and CEO, is convinced that much would be gained if the biggest global emitters of CO2 adopted efficiency measures to reduce their emissions. He says that international agreements could help encourage them, particulary since it's the major economies like the USA, China and India that would directly benefit. Yet he believes that the best start is to be made with local level activities since in the last analysis all things come down to the local level. Such activities must be capable of transforming local economies, he says yet their success must not only be measured in economic terms because they should also benefit the local community. Nair cites certain imports like meat and interventions such as "in private car ownership and mandating energy" as being exemplary in this respect.