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16 September, 2011


Consumptionomics: Asia's role in reshaping capitalism and saving the planet

New website

Consumptionomics has gained so much attention since its launch earlier this year that it has now been made into an interactive online platform. Here you can post your insights and have discussions around consumption and its impact on the world. Periodically there will be various initiatives launched to increase the awareness of our consuming economy with hard hitting facts to initiate higher level political discussions around the current consumption issues.

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A bit about the book

Chandran Nair tackles head on what is certain to prove the most controversial political challenge of the next two decades. He argues that the blinkered conventional view of economic growth needs to be replaced by a more rational approach to resource challenges of the 21st Century.

If Asians were to achieve consumption levels taken for granted in the West the results would be environmentally catastrophic across the globe. Needless to say, it would also have significant geopolitical impacts as nations scramble for diminishing resources. Asian governments and leaders find themselves with a dilemma. The solutions will entail making sensitive political choices and adopting certain forms of government to effect a fundamental change of direction. If Asia is willing to take on this responsibility it will help to save the planet whilst reshaping capitalism.

Published in January 2011 the book is availble to buy from amazon and major outlets in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singpaore and throughout Europe and the United States. The book is available in English and German and will soon be translated into Chinese and Arabic.