Nominations and Benefits

GIFT programmes are designed to build on the strengths of your organisation’s current and future leadership. Participants are:

  • Typically selected from high potential pools in their companies, usually at Director level and above with some exceptions
  • Dynamic individuals poised for fast track career progression
  • At the stage in their careers where a more informed global outlook combined with the necessary soft skills development is vital for their success
  • Highly accomplished in their current roles but a much broader base of knowledge is now required – this knowledge is gained through action learning and the experience of working on real-world  business challenges within a multicultural, multidisciplinary team setting
  • Seeking to complement formal business training with experiential immersion learning
  • Demonstrating strong leadership abilities and now need more international exposure

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It is important that nominations be commensurate with programme expectations and demands.  The team at GIFT is happy to assist you in selecting the best candidates for the programme.