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As organisations today wrestle with the challenges associated with an unprecedented scope and speed of change in the world, the process of developing effective leaders is paramount.

Just as historical success models for organisations are proving inadequate in today’s volatile and competitive landscape, so conventional approaches to leadership development fall short in preparing leaders to meet unexpected hurdles and shape future success. To help organisations address this challenge GIFT takes an exceptional approach to executive education, which is not based on management theories borne out of the twentieth century and invariably conceived in elite western institutions. Such an approach goes beyond simplistic notions about free markets, technology and consumption-fuelled growth and instead recognises new realities of the world. It calls for a rethink of public policy which is more adapted to the demands of our times and business models that fit the constraints of the environment.

GIFT programmes ask awkward questions and do not seek to provide scripted answers.  It makes you see through the eyes of others, feel what others feel, and apply such insights into decision-making.  This is the GIFT approach to leadership development.  Priority is given to creating a safe environment for rigorous intellectual stimulation and practical application rather than pleasing participants or seeking elite rankings.  Learning here is based on raw and unscripted dynamics from less developed regions of the world which are indeed more representative of how the majority of the people on this planet live.

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Global Leaders Programme Active Insights Series Executive Seminars

GIFT offers experiential programmes and a range of executive seminars designed to prepare current and emerging leaders to strengthen and grow their organisations in a rapidly changing and globalised world.

Project Highlights


The Global Leadership Programme is the place to be for all young professionals and executives who are keen to brush up on their leadership skills and business acumen in emerging countries, where the real impacts of globalisation are being felt.

- Professor Hideaki Takahashi, Board Member at NEC Corporation and YLP Mentor


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