About GIFT

The Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) is an independent Hong Kong based pan-Asian think tank focused on advancing a deeper understanding of global issues including the shift of economic and political influence from the West to Asia, the dynamic relationship between business and society, the role of the state and the reshaping of the rules of global capitalism.

GIFT accomplishes this through a pioneering approach to executive leadership development and by contributing insights, ideas and advice which inculcate a more honest inquiry into solutions to current global challenges.

Executive Education at GIFT

Businesses today face challenges that are complex, global and often appearing even intractable. The speed and scale of change are shaking traditional economics and management theories at their core. Fresh ideas and effective leaders are needed to challenge business orthodoxy and help companies achieve sustainable growth.

The Global Leaders Programme

The Global Leaders Programme (GLP) is recognised for its intellectual rigour, beyond-classroom methodology and its output driven approach to leadership development. Intense and engaging, the GLP provides professionals with a platform to build an acute awareness about the key drivers of global change shaping the business landscape and why the 21st century will be different.

Action-based and participant-led, the GLP uses real-world field projects to heighten self-awareness and hone the practical skills required to manage diverse teams in unfamiliar situations. By challenging conventional wisdom and demonstrating the value of soft skills through real-world situations, the GLP introduces participants to new paths to success in a complex world.